NES Classic Controller Menu Hack


    In the video above, GameXplain has made a video, after a reddit user found out a way where you can access the Nintendo NES Classic’s menu via a controller button!

    What you’re going to have to do is get your hands on a Wii Classic Controller (Click to Check eBay, or Amazon), and plug it in to your Nintendo NES Classic.

    Wii Classic Controller
    Wii Classic Controller

    Now, when you are playing a game, and wish to go into the menu, you simply hit the ‘home’ button on the Wii Classic Controller, and bang! you’re instantly thrown into the Menu, where you can save your game state, or perform other functions, such as selecting a different game.

    As a bonus, the cord length on the Wii Classic Controller is longer then the controller that comes with the NES Classic, so you’ll have a bit more room to move.


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