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Video Comparison Of Original NES VS NES Classic Mini


GameXplain (awesome channel on youtube) has another killer video on the new NES Classic Edition, this time, he looks at  how the NES Classic stands up to the original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).

For this comparison, he plays through the same level on Super Mario Bros 3 – comparing the original NES to the NES Classic Mini in 4:3 mode, and also in the emulated CRT mode.

Bare in mind that this comparison isn’t just about accuracy – remember that the original NES broadcast it’s picture via old school composite video output, and thus the quality is limited to that technology, which carrier far less information (& thus video lines) then the newer HDMI Standard used by the new NES Classic.

What’s interesting about this comparison is how sharp and clean the new NES Classic looks. There’s no more fuzziness and soft focus common with the original NES. What’s ironic is that we never used to notice this with our older television sets – only now, with our sharp, high resolution, HD flatscreen is it obvious. This is one of the pro’s to the new NES Classic Edition – although the picture is still the same resolution as it used to be, it’s well defined, sharp and clear.

GameXplain did make one con for the New NES – that the colors arn’t as saturated. If you find this to be the case, just up the saturation / color control for your flatscreen HD TV.


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