NES Classic – Where To Buy?


    Decided to buy the NES Classic and wondering where you can purchase it from?

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    The NES Classic is great, but where can you actually buy one?

    You’ve got a few options to choose from. We’ve listed the stores that we know of, for four major countries that the NES Classic is popular in – America, Australia, Canada & The UK.

    Local stores are reported to be sold out, but you could ask them to put a NES Classic aside for you, and give you a call when it’s in stock.

    You can also purchase online, via eBay or Amazon.


    Amazon – When the NES Classic first went up for sale, Amazon sold out in under 2 minutes, and they took the product page offline! They will, however, be getting in new stock on a regular frequency, and so it’s worth checking out daily. There are a bunch of third party sellers trying to sell the NES Classic for $200 of more here – if you’ve got the cash and are desperate, go for it!

    Best Buy – All Stores, Online N/A. Your local best buy store may have the NES Classic in stock. Check out your local store’s stock levels via their website.

    eBay – There’s a plethora of NES Classic for sale on eBay – mainly due to demand. At the time of launch units were selling for over $300. Now, prices have settled. Use your discretion, don’t pay ridiculous prices, and be smart in your bidding – and you’ll have a NES Classic in your hands in no time!

    Gamestock have NES Classic available in stores, and online – provided they arn’t sold out! Good idea here is to call your local store, make sure they have stock, and have them put one aside for you.

    Nintendo Store – New York – Probably one the first places to get the Classic Mini, being a Nintendo store and all. Watch their Twitter & Facebook feeds for updates.

    Target – Apparently they’re all sold out, as the product has disappeared off their website, but it’s worth a try giving your local store a visit.

    Walmart – The NES Classic is showing as available in stores via their website… so it might be prudent trying to contact your local store and seeing if they actually have stock, or when they might be getting more in!



    Big W – Apparently, Big W are stocking the NES Classic. Stock is no-doubt limited, and they’re limiting one per customer. Check with your local store as to when they’re getting more stock, and arrive early.

    eBay is a sure-fire bet – it really depends how much you’re willing to spend. Due to selling out in stores, and online, there’s a lot of demand and people are paying top dollar on eBay. Still, you may find a bargain, or a late night auction that ends without too much bidding.

    EB Games – your local game store may have the NES Classic in stock, or be getting stock soon, if you’re luck. You can check online, but we recommend hitting up your local store.

    Gumtree is an option, although we don’t recommend it, mainly due to the lack of protection associated with using this site. Use at your own risk, and be careful!

    JB-HiFi – JB have done it again, selling out of the NES Classic in most stores. However – stock will be coming into stores as Nintendo get’s them sent, so it may be worth befriending your local JB salesperson into putting one aside for you.

    Target – Have limited stock in store. Again, sold out currently, but will be getting more NES Classic stock in the near future.


    Amazon in Canada are stocking the NES Classic – however stock is limited, and may be sold out. Check back daily to check on the availability.

    Best Buy – Your local Best Buy store in Canada may have the NES Classic – and if not, it might be worth asking them if they can pre-order for you.

    eBay – a sure fire bet, there’s plenty of NES Classic for sale here – it’s just a question of price. Competition right now is fierce, as everyone wants the NES NOW! Check back often, and don’t pay ridiculous prices.

    EB Games – yep, your local favourite gaming shop might be able to help out. Stock is limited, so call your local store to find out if they have the NES Classic in stock, or when it’s arriving, and then get their before the store opens!

    Toys R Us – The local Toys ‘r’ Us store might have a NES Classic in stock, if you’re lucky. Stock is limited, and most likely snapped up quickly, so see if one of the staff can put one aside for you.

    Walmart – The big store that has everything, also stocks the NES Classic. Give your local store a call to see if they actually have stock before you go visit.

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